Climate Communication Resources Feedback Session

In 2020, the American Fisheries Society (AFS) started the Climate Ambassadors Program to provide a specialized communication skills training program that focuses on climate change. The program hosted 30 ambassadors and 30 climate Fellows in 2021-22, with the second cohort of ambassadors set to kickoff later this month with 31 new participants. However, one of the goals of this program is also to share the methods and skills taught in this program with the wider fisheries community.

In order to provide support for the participants in the communications training program and to provide material to the broader fisheries community, AFS will greatly expand its web presence on climate change. Currently, there is no clearinghouse or trusted sources of information on the effects of climate change on fish and fisheries that also includes necessary material on communications, presentation materials, messaging, visuals, well-designed handouts and other materials to support this messaging. The web site will act as the central source of information to support the training of participants as well as others who would like to access this material. This site will be open to all users and not require AFS membership to access these materials.

To kickstart this process, AFS will host an interactive feedback session to gather information from fisheries professionals on what climate communications materials would be most helpful to them. The interactive session will start with a guided questionnaire and then move into a moderated open discussion. If you’re interested in participating, please RSVP to Shaun Donovan ([email protected]) or Kerry Flaherty-Walia ([email protected]) by 5 p.m. CST, Tuesday, January 24th. Calendar invites will be sent out to all interested parties on Wednesday, January 25th.

What: Climate Communication Interactive Feedback Session

When: Thursday, January 26th, 1400-1530 CST

Where: Zoom