Climate Ambassadors in the News

Keats Conley

Idaho Mountain Express

Wildfires threaten central Idaho wilderness

Local News Channel 8

Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program

Idaho Falls Post Register

Summer job chasing fish: Salmon teen wins scholarship to learn ins and outs of fisheries biology biz

American Fisheries Society presentation

Imagery, analogy, story: where science and poetry meet

Sean Landsman

Abigail Lynch

AFS Southern Division Plenary Speaker

Aquatic systems change, fast and slow

AAAS SciLine Media Briefing

Climate change impacts on US agriculture

Karen Murchie

Great Lakes Now - Episode 1026

Best supporting fish - Migration patterns of suckers

Great Lakes Now - Web Extra

The Suckers: Great Lakes’ “best supporting fishes” are important to the food web

NBC Chicago

How Climate Change Impacts Erosion, Shoreline Damage in Chicago

WTTW (PBS Chicago)

Interview on sucker migration work and climate change

Shedd Aquarium Surge Newsletter

Essay: This Shedd scientist is changing the way people view freshwater fish

Marin Magazine

Fighting the Good Fight: 10 Inspirational Eco-Warriors Making an Impact in 2022 and Beyond

Vera Trainer

NPR interview

Shellfish-killing harmful algal blooms are identified in Puget Sound as a cause of summer mortalities

Eco magazine

Championing Ocean Diversity - Introducing the SMARTNET Ocean Knowldge Network - Accessible, Diverse, and Solution-Oriented

Fisheries magazine

The AFS Climate Ambassador Program Will Help Bridge the Communication Gap in Climate Change Science

Shaun Donovan

San Antonio Express-News

After 100-year absence, mussels returning to San Antonio River - and they’ve been missed

San Antonio Express-News

Here’s why the San Antonio River smells like it does


People are dumping aquarium pets into San Antonio River and it could cause bank collapse

Fox 29 News

Armored catfish and other invasive species are wreaking havoc in the San Antonio River

AFS Annual Meeting presentation

Storytime for Scientists

John Pohl

AFS Annual Meeting presentation

Climate Fiction as an Outreach Avenue for Climate Scientists

Grantville Gazette

Black Smoker Curandero (science fiction short)

ABT Time Podcast with Randy Olson

The ABT Variety Show Roundup

Washington State Teachers for STEM Workshop

21st Century Skills in NOAA: A Perspective on Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication

Pacific Fishery Management Council

Climate and Communities Initiative: Improving Surveys for a Changing Ocean Workshop

Aurealis, the Australian Magazine of SF & F

Channeling Ernest (science fiction short story)

PICES Annual Meeting presentaiton

Workshop on Narrative structure for scientists

Allison Oliver

UpStream a SkeenaWild Podcast

Episode 4: Salmon Science

VoVo Productions film

Ha Nii Tokxw: Our Food Table

Associated Press article

Future of Lake Tahoe clarity in question as wildfires worsen

Helen Kileen

Public Exhibit

Hidden Journeys: Movement of Larval Fishes Through a Turbulent Ocean

Sam Day

Detroit News

Mysterious 'rock snot' algae threatens Michigan's coldwater trout streams

Odawa Trails - Newsletter of Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians

Green Infrastructure at Victories Square is Victory for Water

Jill Caccavo

COP26 presentation

Antarctic Marine Ecosystems Under Pressure: Protection Needs Action Locally and Globally

The Fisheries Podcast

Episode 188.171 Studying Antarctic Fish from Europe with Dr. Jilda Alicia Caccavo

Lian Guo

AFS Annual Meeting presentation

My "And, But, Therefore" Journey: Exploring A Framework for Clear, Compelling Communication

Life Science Cafe

Featured speaker to talk to the general public about climate change impacts on fish/fisheries and dissertation research

Corinne Burns

AFS Annual Meeting presentation

All the Small Things: The Importance of Communicating about Plankton for Fisheries Science

Elliott Hazen

Los Angeles Times

As cargo shipments boom, ship strikes imperil whales in California and worldwide


Comparing the collateral damage of US Fisheries


Fisheries struggle as fish head for the poles

AFS and World Fisheries Congress presentations

Assessing bycatch in U.S. fisheries to aid management prioritization

Alex Latzka

AFS Wisconsin Chapter annual meeting

Plenary speaker: Climate Change and Wisconsin Fish, Fisheries, and Fishing

AFS Annual Meeting presentation

Climate-driven shifts in the portfolio of Wisconsin fishing opportunities

WI Lakes & Rivers Convention presentation

Climate Change Decreases the Diversity of Fishing Opportunities in Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Journal

Where have all the walleye gone? Before long, anglers may have to make do with bluegills

Outdoor Life

Wisconsin Waters Are Warming. Its Walleye Fishing and Stocking Programs Are in Trouble

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

New bagging limits on popular panfish show promise of producing bigger fish